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A Message for Twin Flames: On Balance and Emotional Authenticity

Hi, hello. How’s your soul today? Personally, my energy has been low, low, low for days, days, days. I’ve been around the block enough times to know to just sit with the melancholy and it too shall pass. When I get into these states, passionate manifestation is out of the question, no matter how many ideas I have on the table. Instead, I am called to dive inward, and for that process tarot and oracle can be invaluable. Needless to say, I read as much as my energy will allow on days like this, and today I was called to share the message I received for the benefit of the twin flame collective. It’s specifically for twins experiencing separation, and will only resonate if the message is meant for you.

Here is the spread that helped channel the message. These cards are from the magnificent Dreams of Gaia Tarot. I am so in love with these cards and the insightful messages they bring. I highly recommend this reimagined version of the tarot, especially for those who read intuitively. You can support my work by using the affiliate link below. As for the spread – on the left, we have represented the feminine energy, on the right is the masculine energy, and in the middle is information about the connection and outcome.

I feel that the divine feminine and divine masculine are both dealing with karmic issues that have held them back from union for a long time. The issues that they face are unique and different from each other. For the feminine, I feel she has a lot of childhood and past life trauma that is keeping her out of balance, specifically between her physical and spiritual selves. One may tend to drain the other, and vice versa, as the feminine has not yet come into alignment as a spiritual being in a physical body. Her trauma has caused her to reject her physical or emotional body in some ways, possibly deeming them “unspiritual.” She’s been opening up new spiritual gifts and is still working to integrate these with her experiences of her past. Her work now is in letting go of the past (including past life experiences) and continuing to purge the ego traps and thought patterns that don’t serve her higher truth. The union energy wants to transmute negativity and transform the twins through action and service. Although the divine masculine and divine feminine still need to do work individually, they can begin to tap into this union/connection energy to support their inner work.

The masculine has a different karmic task at hand and that is to realize that his emotions hold the key to his higher truth. He is dealing with a lot of fear around authentic emotional expression, choosing to keep his feelings largely unconscious at this time. It’s clear he’s been hurt in the past after displaying his true passion, so he holds himself back in his current reality. However, the masculine actually possess the wisdom to be loving and compassionate without sacrificing his own needs or autonomy. Perhaps in the past he has given too much and was taken advantage of the feminine shadow, so he fears the divine feminine will do the same. This understanding could still be latent in the masculine’s unconscious – this will depend on the emotional development of specific masculines. Those who have chosen to give attention to their emotions should have received their push to do so around the Cancer Full Moon that was on December 22, 2018. There is another push happening as I prepare to post this with Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces around December 29, 2018 (I plan to write on this later).

Since the twins are energetically connected, we can help each other by remembering to be in a vibration of gratitude for life itself. This resonance will strengthen our connection through the work we do individually, even while in separation. The divine supports and loves us unconditionally! Source always has our best interest at heart, so when we feel down or disconnected we can remember that it is just a part of the process. WE are never really disconnected from our twin, and certainly never the universe herself. The twin flame connection is about seeking to bring forth a new paradigm through new ideas that will shift the world in a new direction, towards ascension and away from separation. Our work is to manifest thoughts and ideas and to transmute the darkness into light.

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