Chiron Direct in Pisces 2018

Chiron is considered a “minor planet” in astrology (it’s really a comet) that represents “the wounded healer.” It’s where we experience our core wound and the way we attempt to heal it. I also believe that it can hold the key to great strength if we take our healing journey seriously and from a place of compassion. (It’s symbol is even shaped like a little key)! Once healed (or securely within the ever-unfolding process of healing), our wounds become wisdom. To be a “wounded healer” does not mean that we attempt to heal others while we are still hurting. It means that we are able to heal others through sharing our own process of transformation. Like a phoenix from the ashes, we rise to lift each other up.

On December 9th Chiron stationed direct in the sign of Pisces. It has been traveling backwards through the zodiac since July 4th when it stationed retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries. We’ve had a lot of planets and points change signs of the last 6 months, and several that have been bouncing in and out of signs during their retrograde cycles. This year has been all about clearing out the old, and making sure we really get into the nitty gritty of our past so as not to leave any shadowy cobwebs behind. “New beginnings” has been the buzzword lately, and Chiron going direct symbolizes a change in the way we do healing. Intuition tells me that by the time Chiron returns to Aries on February 18th, 2019 (my daughter’s birthday!), we will experience a lot of forward movement in the way our woulds are healed and how our stories and truth are expressed.

For Chiron going direct I pulled the Page of Pentacles from the tarot, which symbolizes the seed of hope that can come out of challenges. The page holds the star-gem lightly, gazing upon it with wonder and adoration. This is exactly the way we should choose to view the gifts that come from healing our deepest wounds. By honoring ourselves and yielding to our unique healing journeys, we can find a deep well of self-love allows us to spread light onto others.

Chiron holds a very special place in my heart, as well as in my natal chart. It is the only planet or asteroid I have in any fire sign. (And believe me, being devoid of fire is no easy journey. At least now I understand why I had zero interest in sports growing up ?‍♀️). My natal Chiron is in the sign of Leo, which is also the “missing leg” in my T-square which basically means it’s the kind of energy I should embody to balance out some of my more challenging internal dynamics. Also, in numerology, my Life Path number is 11, which is for the wounded healer, aka Chiron. Ok, ok, I digress… but I’m very excited about the new year ahead.

Love and light to you, seekers!

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