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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Jan 20-21, 2019

At the time of the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Leo, the sun will have just changed signs, moving from the solidness of Capricorn’s integrity to the free-spiritedness of Aquarius’ social innovation and pursuit of truth. Full Moons are about a culmination of energy, a time for celebrating our accomplishments over the last month, especially those we set intentions about at the previous New Moon. Typically, lunations affect us for 2-4 weeks, while eclipses have a longer cycle and can affect us for the next 6 months or more. This is the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius axis, so we may been feeling a culmination of events and experiences that have transpired over the past 2 years, since the first eclipse on the Leo-Aquarius axis that was on February 10, 2017.

Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun, which represents our individuality and our ego. From an evolutionary astrology perspective, Leo’s goal is to receive recognition for their own self-worth; to manifest their inner self into something creative and tangible in the world. Leo wants nothing more than to fully express itself, but out of balance this sign can be very narcissistic and egotistical. The shadow side of Leo is that of an attention-seeking, ego-driven child that will do anything for acknowledgement and a distorted perception of love. Pay attention to your emotional state at this time and temper any neediness or unworthiness you may feel. Know that this Lunar Eclipse is giving you the opportunity to recalibrate your life’s path and to come into greater alignment with your purpose. If you have been inauthentic in the way you represent yourself to the world, things will likely come to a head and you will be thrown off course, forced to pick up the pieces and “deal with your shit.”

This lunation makes a T-square with Uranus in the final degrees of Aries. T-squares occur when we have two planets in opposition, sitting across the sky from each other, which characterizes every Full Moon, and another planet at 90 degrees between the other two, making the aspect called a square. T-squares bring excessive tension that is created from an imbalance of energy that tends to pulls us in different directions. This T-square could have us feeling restless about creating changes in the way we express ourselves creatively, especially when it comes to authentic emotional expression within our wider social circles. Aquarius is all about embracing our individual uniqueness and perception of the truth, while Leo is all about creativity and self-esteem. Uranus will be creating tension in both these areas of life, urging us to charge forth with changes that may not be possible yet. It will be important to find solace and patience as we wade through these energies over the next several days, as Full Moons are not the best time for bold new beginnings. Instead, it will be best to take in the information you receive, acknowledge any latent desires the may surface, and take time to reflect on how you may want to initiate some changes wisely once the eclipse energy has dissipated a bit. Ideally, you could take the next two week to recalibrate in order to set positive intentions at the next New Moon.

Another aspect we have at the time of this Lunar Eclipse is Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius trine Mars in Aries and square Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune will be strong influences because they are all at “home” in the signs that they rule. Venus conjunct Jupiter is giving us the chance to find expansion in love, relationships, values, and even finances. We may feel the call to seek higher knowledge, new ways of thinking, and unfamiliar experiences that can be used to develop the way we value ourselves. We should feel encouraged to explore our value systems in order to find an expression of love that is truly authentic. Mars will be giving us the positive influence of energy to act and be assertive in what we believe to be worthwhile in a variety of endeavors, from relationships to higher education, wealth manifestation to travel and adventure. Neptune will bring a challenge to remain grounded and clear-headed as we navigate these strong Lunar energies. We should use the strength of Mars’ will to temper any tendencies to indulge in fantasies or numbing activities or substances, as these will only set us back and make the chances of a Lunar Eclipse crisis or life derailment more likely. The inner work you have put in up until this point will definitely be a determining factor in how easily you are able to navigate these intense energies. Some of us may find we are able to use this Eclipse to dive deeper into our purpose, while others will need to spend their energy maintaining a state of allowing and balance as these shifts take their toll.

The final aspect to discuss is the Sun sextile Chiron in Pisces. Chiron has been helping us examine our minds from a state of higher consciousness in order to heal ourselves spiritually and emotionally. Now we have the opportunity to bring some of this healing work to the surface and integrate it into our physical reality and sense of self. Chiron represents our deepest core wounds, and the way we can use our painful experiences and darkness to bring greater light, healing, and awareness to others. Being that the Sun is in Aquarius, we may feel that we can express our understanding of the truth despite cultural norms or anything society tells us. This energy is immensely important in bringing world healing because we can use our individual experiences to inform a better way of life for all.

With all these energies taken together, the essential message of this Lunar Eclipse is to be authentic, express your truth, and live up to your highest potential in all areas of life. We may need to let go of some habits or patterns that no longer serve us in order to become of service to the world and the greater good. May this lunation bring you enlightenment, peace, understanding, love, and truth. Namaste!

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