Mars Conjunct Chiron in Pisces 2018: Healing Masculine Shadows

At this time, from December 28th through 30th, Mars, planet of movement, action, and masculinity has moved on top of Chiron, asteroid which represents the “wounded healer,” in the emotional and ethereal feminine-water sign of Pisces (See my article on Chiron Direct 2018 for more insight into the asteroid’s wounded healer archetype). I can see many ways to interpret this transit, but one very pungent one that has been arising for me often lately is a matter of balance within our masculine energy.

The world has undeniably suffered from hundreds of years of patriarchy. I think perhaps when we fell from a higher dimension, we also came out of balance in yin and yang. (I’ve heard the earth’s spirit intended to ascend from the fifth to the seventh dimensions, but that we’ve somehow fallen into 3D. Just another solid reason not to take the challenges in your life so personally ?.) I’d even go so far as to say the story of Adam and Eve (or at the very least the male-favoring interpretation of it) is a representation of the fall into patriarchy (I’d love to write more on this later). I want to be clear that this is no one’s fault, but it is our collective responsibility to heal., and we can each play a part

Part of the problem, and what Chiron is here to illuminate, is that we have deep wounding around masculinity itself. It’s easy to only think of the challenges of women and feminine-identified individuals in a patriarchal context, but I think we’ve far too long overlooked the damaging effects this social pattern has had on men and masculine-identified individuals. Patriarchy has created an unhealthy framework for both energies. The masculine and the feminine must work on healing their deep, ancestral wounding so that we can come into balance within ourselves and within our partnerships. Then, we may actually create the world we know is possible.

I think most sensible people would agree that imbalance in any area of life isn’t good for us. But to have the aspects of our very self, the right and the left, and active and the receptive, the movement and the emotion, the warrior and the mother, be out of balance is simply unacceptable. We are meant to live in a state of flow between all these different ways of being, and we are meant to be able to do this as a dance between other people in certain kinds of energy exchanges or relationships. It’s a beautiful thing to be balanced, and setting our intention on healing is the most fundamental thing we can do for ourselves and our growth.We are experiencing an energetic upgrade currently, and collectively we are being asked to feel through a lot of the yucky beliefs and ideas around masculine-feminine balance including gender role stereotypes, gender identity, partnerships, romance, rejection of self, rejection or overindulgence of impulses, assertiveness, self-esteem, etc. These are imbalances that have been holding us back from full authentic self-expression out of fear of the kinds of consequences we have endured throughout history. We have been taught that if a man shows emotion, he is not masculine and if a woman is assertive, she is not feminine, but the way these kinds of expression were responded to in the past is still impacting us today (think of the harsh father punishing his son for crying, or the witch hunts that sought to extinguish woman’s intuitive power). Most of us on a spiritual journey understand that we truly are both masculine and feminine. We each carry both energies inside of us, and this is why the toxicity of the shadow sides of both the masculine and the feminine effect us all.

Additionally, I think true internal balance between our masculine and feminine sides will open up huge doors in healing unhealthy relationship patterns and all sorts of hurts, disappointments, and misunderstandings in masculine-feminine partnerships. If we can remove ourselves from our personal situation for long enough, we can see that we are merely acting within an imbalanced framework that is causing us to operate outside of our truth. For those of us looking for deep intimacy and partnership, owning our power to achieve internal balance is key.

I hope you will gain many insights into your own healing needs through this transit!

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