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Mercury Conjunct Sun in Aquarius: Soul and mind aligned, let your ideas fly!

Today Mercury comes into an exact conjunction with the Sun in the sign of Aquarius. This is a meeting of the mind and the soul, and we are given the chance to express ourselves openly and truthfully in communication, in writing, and in all matters of self-expression and creativity. With the Moon in Sagittarius also coming into sextile with this conjunction, we won’t find comfort if we try to turn away from how we feel. Instead, we should embrace all feelings of emotional abundance and share them with those around us. This will be a day of deep authenticity. We could feel a sense of stepping into our purpose in a new way, and won’t be able to ignore anything that doesn’t align with that purpose that has has managed to stay with us this long. Be present and open to the ever-evolving moment of now and let your connection to Spirit bring you clarity in how you speak and create today.

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