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New Moon in Aquarius February 4, 2019

This New Moon in Aquarius is asking us simply to be true to who we are. But many of might be asking, “How can I be true to who I am when I don’t even know who I am?” Spiritual awakening is a journey of self-discovery, and the message coming through me for this New Moon is to encourage you to be okay with not knowing. We have all been told “life is in the journey,” but I know it can be difficult to align and flow with this understanding when we are all coming from an old paradigm that suggests we must know the outcome before we begin the journey. This simply isn’t true, and it never has been true. This kind of thinking is what has led our societies to become so misaligned as to allow mass violence, hatred, discrimination, and suffering to occur. I truly believe we each hold the power within ourselves to heal this world, and that process begins from within.

This is a lighthearted New Moon with no hard aspects challenging us. Instead, we are being asked to flow with the current of our lives while living from a grounded intention to come into alignment with our truth, one day at a time. No one is expecting you to become the greatest version of yourself overnight, to be able to eliminate all your fears with the blink of an eye. However, the universe is calling all of us to step up and set our sights on becoming better, on growing each day, on centering in nature, and on maturing into the divine healers, lightworkers, wise empaths, and change-makers we were born to be. If there is one thing Aquarius is, it is unique. And while the influence of Aquarius can make us a bit eccentric or quirky, it is always meant to be in service of the greater good. Let yourself be swept away by the bliss of this New Moon, and set the intention to create yourself into the person your soul always meant for you to be.

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