Reflecting on a dream of compassion

Last night I had a dream about compassion that left me feeling blissfully in awe of how great love really is. In spiritual communities we are often told “you are love” but understanding what this really means takes more than just a simple phrase. If love is what we truly are, how can we have a world so fraught with hatred and cruelty? Can this really all be due to forgetting our true nature, (that we are love) and the disconnection we feel because of this amnesia? More importantly, how can we come back into alignment with our true nature and understand that at the core of everything, there is only love?

Essentially, my dream involved a scenario where I was confronted by someone placing blame on me for their dissatisfaction, asking why I was getting in the way of them and what they wanted. In my current life, I am being asked to find compassion for a person who does not understand the essence of the situation they find themselves at odds with. That situation involves me and my soul’s purpose, and pursuing this purpose is the thing that seems to be getting in the way of their desire. The funny thing is, none of this is being spoken about out loud, it all comes from my intuitive knowing of the social dynamics happening around me. And my challenge to find compassion is completely internal, and I am seeking it purely for my own healing. This is the way with all ego-based emotions; jealousy, resentment, scorn, these are all low-vibrational states requesting our attention so that we may transmute and heal them. Remembering this is how we can bring compassion to those who trigger us, for we can always find gratitude that they are acting as our karmic mirrors.

Before this dream, I had thought of countless ways I would explain the situation should this confrontation arise in real life. But another questions begs to be answered first – what value is there is explaining to someone your inner truth when it has nothing to do with them? There are certain secrets of our souls we keep hidden for we know that sharing them with too many minds coming from too many backgrounds and with too many experiences and perspectives can muddle what we know in our hearts to be true. Sometimes it is best to let your inner knowing guide you, without seeking any confirmation from the outside world. The way I reacted in my dream came from a place of complete love. I understood and felt compassion for the other’s pain, and I embraced them as a way to help transmute this pain, for all suffering is our collective burden and responsibility. I was met with trust and acceptance, and that in and of itself was the most beautiful feeling. Because this was a dream, I know it all came from within, and that is just as beautiful for I was able to treat myself with the highest amount of acceptance, trust, compassion, and love that I could possibly envision. How amazing is it that we have the ability to transmute our own suffering and allow the effects of healing ripple out to reflect the light in all those around us? What more proof that “we are love” is there than that?

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