Spirituality vs Christianity: Understanding My Truth

I wasn’t raised in the church. Yet I feel like I have Christian doctrine stitched into my DNA. This, along with a healthy dose of witchcraft divinatory talent, and psychic experience. I feel like I am, or am meant to be, a bridge between these worlds, to open up communication between them, and to help them realize how similar they are. I would also like to firmly place the understanding in every human that a book must be read within the context of when it was written. For example, the Bible was designed to help people live righteously and with intention in the days before there was intercultural connections like those we have now. It was written for one culture, at one period of time, in the history of humankind. No doubt, it spoke to the issues and needs of the people of the past, present, and the future. But I don’t believe it covers everything, at least not in a way that most people understand.

However to start positive, let me tell you the two greatest takeaways I have thus gained from the Bible. That heaven on earth is the future of this world (and I also see this as the fifth dimension, descent of the light, purging of darkness). And that light will always outcast darkness (i.e. God will always prevail over Satan).

I’ve also learned that divination must have been really scary back in the day, at least in context. It saddened me when I learned that my favorite get-to-know-yourself practices like astrology and reading tarot were frowned upon (actually, forbidden) in the Bible. What is condemned in the Bible is also helping so many people get in touch with their true essence, their inner selves, and their divinity. Some readers most certainly practice from a place of ego darkness, or from a sinful place. But many, like myself, try to use divination as a means of helping people by channeling messages, information, and guidance from the Divine. Some Christians believe that we are mere dust and that there is no divinity in us. But if we are made by God, then we are of God, and so God is in us. In every corner of the world, there are people living, behaving, and engaging in practices from a place of darkness, or a place of light. Today, I hope, we are closer to God and by that, more of us are channeling Him to bring down his light.

The Divine is in all of us, and yet so many struggle to find their way to the light, to those golden gates, to enlightenment. Many of us don’t even try. But why? Christianity has an answer – it is sin that causes us to be led astray. The original sin was disobedience, or giving into temptation, depending on how you view when Adam and Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge, after being tricked by the devil. Well, who is the devil, first of all? A fallen angel. Darkness begot of light. Separation. Pulling away. Turning against. Challenging. Jealous, greedy, deceitful, blah blah blah. It is doing what we aren’t supposed to do, which boils down to misalignment. And what is the tree of knowledge? Duality. Before sin there was oneness, all was of the light, and there was no duality. But the light, in its pureness, holds within it the knowledge of its opposite. An opposite that is just one of a countless number of ways for light to express itself. Light expresses and illuminates, darkness contracts and hides.

Perhaps the most enticing and befuddling aspects of the Bible is its discussion of demons and evil spirits. I imagine these demons exist wherever there is great darkness. I don’t know if we can really say they are an external enemy we need to fear, because we have ways of extricating them, no matter what your belief. Some call it soul retrieval, some call it exorcism, and some just call it healing. It’s just about bringing that great darkness into the light of consciousness; bringing it up to God.

I’ve had to calm down a lot of fears that the indoctrination of Christianity has brought up in me, no doubt due in part to the conflict between my heritage as a witch or psychic and this religious tradition. As with everything, I’ve had to integrate new information into my viewpoint in a way that made sense to me and resonated with my core. Belief systems are about knowing yourself. Some of us like the security of adhering to a religion where the path is set out for us and all we have to do is voluntarily follow it. But I am carving out my own path to tread, based on the experiences I was given in life, and knowledge I have of myself as Divine, and the wisdom of knowing how to listen.

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang

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