Sun Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn: Balance, Structure, and Clarity

On New Years Day, we had a conjunction between Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. This is an intuitive reading to clarify this energy that we may still be feeling for another couple of days.

This transit is about illuminating the structures in our life, helpful or harmful. We may be feeing an increase in our sense of personal responsibility and the desire to have a life that is both balanced and fruitful, and which reflects who we are at the core. It’s time to tap into our integrity and make decisions about our life’s direction, without losing track of our emotional wellbeing. In fact, getting in touch with our inner selves and our deepest dreams will support this positive, concrete growth.

Kim Krans, author of the Wild Unknown Tarot deck used in this reading, says of the Justice card. “Now is not the time to shun the concept of divine balance, or karma.” For me personally, and perhaps for some of you, 2019 feels like a year all about clearing karma. I did get The Tower for my year card so this could be more my energy than the collective’s. Still, this message called out to be shared because this is what Justice is all about; it’s a balance between our inner and outer realities that goes beyond this lifetime. We would be wise to pay attention to the ways that we may still be ignoring our karmic debt as that could be what is holding us back from building the lives we truly desire.

The Daughter (Page) of Pentacles brings the message to find your inner strength through your ability to be kind and supportive of yourself and others. The Ten of Cups illustrates the abundance of positive energy we have at our disposal. Sometimes when things get too bright we can fool ourselves into thinking it’s too much for us, we feel it’s too difficult to see, and we let fear keep us from our inherent optimism. However, this transit is about balance and choices, so it is up to us to stay in the right mindset through beneficial practices like meditation, grounding in nature, yoga, etc. Whatever practice resonates helps you get centered will help you dispel these unhelpful fears. The Star lends us a sense of hope and peace of mind. I feel that Neptune in Pisces is represented here, where we are being asked to get in touch with our inner sense of peace and bliss through our ability to dream and imagine all we want our lives to be. If we can remain receptive to change while building necessary structures, we will be in a really good place for this new year.

Many blessings for 2019.

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