Divination,  Twin Flames

Intuitive Reading for the Twin Flame Collective

She is ready to jump. A sense of innocent abundance surrounds her physical form, and she feels the precipice upon which she stands viscerally. She feels that the karma of many past lives has been healed. Now she holds the understanding of love in her heart, letting go of the pain of the past. There is wisdom in her ancestry, a wisdom of the heart’s truth, divine guidance, an all-knowing. She is ready to step into the unknown, to allow her mind to explore new territory, leaving behind the old, insecure ways of the ego. She is alive with curiosity, and the future beckons to her.

He finds himself in a state of deep reflection, meditating on all the experiences his physical form has had in this lifetime. So many memories to face from a new vantage point, it seems all he can do is turn inward. There is a great need for rest now, his heart is heavy and his body is tired. Like a child left out of a game, he can see the fun going on around him, but feels himself apart. Look closer, the lock on his heart is open, but the chains that once bound it still remain. All he must do is unravel them, then the gate to his bright future will be open. His journey takes precedence in his mind. Each new insight, every bit of divine guidance, is a step forward on the path. Through mountains and valleys, he will climb, towards the state of union he is destined to reach.

They must find balance in their external lives, which comes from a willingness to let themselves fall. Holding on too tightly out of fear only prolongs the timelines that are trying to collapse. They must let themselves collapse into nothingness, and from there they can be reborn. Once they realize that all the external structures of their lives are mere placeholders for the journey toward self and the divine love that is their essence, success and abundance will come easily and readily. They realize that they are not in the matrix, they are the matrix, and the only way to “get out” is to go in, toward the seed of truth, the beginning of all things.

There is silence and a sense of peace at the center of their beings, like the point of neutrality at the center of a storm. While the external world rages on with all its uncertainties, they know that what truly matters is how well they can control their inner state. In reflection, there is understanding. In slowing down, there is release. All they need is within. They are reaching mastery of the mind, stepping into a new way of living, aligned, heart-forward, and in truth.

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