January 2022 Astrology Report (Part 1 of 2)

Recap of Recent Events

You know what’s funny about astrology? Even though it gives us a way to foresee the energetic influences that will be affecting us in the future, sometimes hindsight is still 20/20.

I’m talking specifically about the Neptune retrograde that we collectively experienced from late June to December 1st, 2021. I heard on a podcast this week that Neptune retrograde can have us reevaluate our dreams and gives us a reality check where we might discover that the things we hoped to create will take more time than we thought, or that the things we wanted are still out of reach. This totally sums up my experience of the latter half of 2021, and I’d be curious if you felt some of this as well.

I found myself reevaluating everything and having a bit of an intense wake up call in terms of my inspiration, vision, and motivation. It felt difficult to pick up momentum and I had an overarching sense that the best plan of action (and maybe the only plan of action) to take was just to wait and see what calls to me. There was no forcing, and as a result there was also relatively little action compared to the first part of the year for me. As a mindset and soul alignment coach, I don’t usually recommend this kind of wait and see approach because I believe so much in the power of choice and the importance of action and implementation, but I think it’s what Neptune was asking of all of us during the latter part of 2021; to take a sacred pause.

Now that we are well clear of Neptune retrograde, let’s talk a little bit about what is going on currently. The following is the Astrological Forecast for January 1st through 17th, 2022.

New Moon in Capricorn

Firstly, we started off with the first new moon of the year on January 2nd in Capricorn. News moons are a great time to set intentions and can provide a valuable “reset” in your life. Capricorn deals with matters of career, purpose, leadership, and responsibility. If you are working on a business or desiring a change in how you show up in your professional or personal life, this is the time to envision new possibilities and, ideally, start planning and strategize what action steps you can take to achieve your goals. It’s also great to look at which house any new or full moon fall in so you know which specific area of life to set intentions for. This new moon occurred in my first house, so I’m also working on recreating my brand and identity as a public figure, leader, and spiritual guide.

Venus Retrograde

Currently, we are in Venus retrograde, also in Capricorn, which started on December 19th and will last until January 29th. This is definitely creating some contrast with the new moon and indicates that while it’s a good time to plan, it won’t necessarily be easy or lucrative to implement anything new until after Venus goes direct. This is especially true with matters relating to your personal appearance or brand, your self-care, relationships, finances, and your values. Basically, we’re being asked to pause yet again and spend time reevaluating our values and relationships so that we can take inventory of what needs to shift, fall away, or be created.

Mars Square Neptune

On January 11th, Mars will square off with Neptune. This is a conflict between doing (Mars) and dreaming (Neptune) that could result in overindulgence or feeling disempowered in your ability to create what you want in life. With Mars in Sagittarius, we have a lot of energy and drive towards our passions with a strong sense of adventure, but Neptune casts a fog over this that could get us caught in illusion, fear, and a preoccupation with how we are perceived rather than how we feel. It will take conscious effort to temper ourselves and ensure we blend the passion and energy of Mars with the intuitive magic of Neptune in Pisces to stay out of trouble, but it is possible. If you feel hazy, melancholy, or unclear in your desires or intentions at this time, know that this is temporary. Give yourself a break and choose to take things lightly as you wait for the energy to lighten up.

Mercury Retrograde

We also get to experience Mercury retrograde beginning on January 13th in the sign of Aquarius. As perhaps the most well known astrological phenomena aside from Sun signs, many of us are already familiar with the woes that can come when Mercury moves backwards in the sky. Miscommunication, travel delays, technology flukes, and the like are all possibilities, so again it’s best to keep any major implementation of your new intention until these planets are moving forward again. That doesn’t mean you can’t get started, just don’t expect things to take off for at least a few weeks. We will be in the clear come mid-February and planets will stay in forward motion for the next couple of months, so this would be a better time to plan for business launches, new projects, travel, signing contracts, etc.

Mercury Square Uranus

On the same day that Mercury goes retrograde, it will be square to Uranus in Taurus, who is nearing the end of it’s retrograde period that began in August 2021. Uranus brings unpredictability and chaotic change. It is a disrupter of sorts, so it would be wise to expect the unexpected at this time and give your days some flexibility to accommodate any turn of events that might come up. Uranus has a way of catalyzing us into our greatest potential as well, so know that any challenges are coming up for your benefit.

Full Moon in Cancer

Finally, the full moon this month will be in Cancer on Monday, January 17th. Pluto pairs up with the Sun at this time as they face off with the Moon in the sign of family, home, feminine energy, nurturance, and our emotional needs. The Moon rules Cancer so it is very at home here which is generally a good thing, but the opposition with Pluto may prove challenging. This could bring up some deeper emotions that we’ll be asked to integrate in an embodied way, or provoke conflict with authority figures, systems, structures, or corporations that do not nourish our emotional needs and sense of safety. It will be important to remain grounded at this time and to realize the opportunity we have to release the things that no longer resonate with us, even if the process of transformation feels difficult or painful – just don’t give in to the urge to change things too quickly while we are still in retrograde season.


In a way the entire month of January is inviting us to deepen into inner transformation, paving the way for us to manifest the outer vision we want to create in 2022 in the months ahead. The fact that we are in the midst of a collective choice point regarding major issues such as climate change, patriarchal oppression, and the continued dis-ease of humanity marked by an ongoing pandemic and polarization cannot be understated. The full moon in Cancer opposing Pluto will certainly bring these issues to a head, but still we can develop a reverence for the process of death and rebirth in our personal lives and in our world.

Coming up…

Jan 18 – Nodes changing signs officially bringing us into a new direction for collective growth and development. This is also how we come into a new eclipse season which we had the first taste of this past November.

Jan 29 – Pluto conjunct Mercury retrograde in Capricorn at 26 degrees will be an important highlight as we continue through the United States’ Pluto return.

…and more!

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