January 2022 Astrology Report (Part 2 of 2)

Recap of Recent Events

At time of writing, we have just had our first full moon of the year in the sign of Cancer, which was all about getting in tune with our emotional needs and sense of safety. This moon is an excellent time to fill up our proverbial cup with nourishing self-care and connection with loved ones. We have had three planets in retrograde; Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. It is important to be very clear with our intentions at this time and realize that our sense of security and self-worth is our responsibility, not anyone else’s. Be careful of visitors or impulses from the past. While the opportunity to revisit past relationships or ways of thinking may be available and alluring, we must recognize why we have moved on from these things and ask ourselves what we are seeking in returning to old comforts. Right now it is best to focus on you and where you are going. We are entering Aquarius season so it is a great time to think progressively and optimistically about our personal and collective future.

Uranus Direct – “Ready for Change”

On January 18th, Uranus makes the switch from retrograde to moving forward once again. Anytime we have a planet in retrograde, we must recognize three distinct phases; the pre-shadow, the retrograde, and the shadow. These periods refer to the way a planet moves across the same span of the zodiac three times; forward, backward, then forward again. This is significant because we are working over the same material in our personal lives and collective experiences multiple times. When we face different iterations of the same energetic undercurrents during a retrograde, we have the opportunity to grow and transform in new ways over a relatively short period of time.

Since Uranus is an outer planet, it affects our collective experience more so than our individual lives, but we may have experienced recurring themes in both. Uranus is best described as a bringer of sudden, unexpected, and potentially revolutionary change. It likes to shake things up, and it’s not too comfortable in the steadfast, slow sign of Taurus. Uranus has also been making a square to Saturn in Capricorn for the duration of its retrograde cycle, which is further amplifying and agitating it’s influence. Saturn rules Capricorn and both have to do with structure, systems, and the status quo, as well as leadership and dependability. I think we all recognize that things are breaking down so that something new can be born. The old ways of doing things and our old human values are no longer serving us. We are being called to reconnect to the earth (Taurus) and our bodies (Taurus) and reclaim our true values (Taurus) for the betterment of humanity (Uranus). We are called to be responsible leaders (Capricorn) and find our place in the world (Taurus) as we advocate for positive change (Uranus).

It is interesting that the Delta variant of COVID-19 was named during the early pre-shadow period of Uranus retrograde in May 2021, and now we are facing the Omicron variant revving up and causing another wave of unrest. It is a good idea to find ways to ground and nourish ourselves as we continue to ride the current of a global pandemic and necessary social change. Uranus always opens the door to more idealistic possibilities, but the road there can be uncertain and uncomfortable to say the least.

Aquarius Season – “Bring on the Revolution”

Beginning January 19th, the Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius, illuminating a new area of focus centered around innovation and progress, social service, and higher consciousness. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, so we may find ourselves drawn to altruistic pursuits or social advocacy. At this time, the Sun will be Trine the North Node supporting us in shifting our attention to matters that are truly important to our collective good. There is a blending of energies with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, moving through Taurus along with the North Node, which symbolizes collective expansion and growth. This is a time for progressive ideas and actions to take hold.

Nodal Axis Changes Signs – “A New Direction”

As previously mentioned, the Nodes of the Moon will be changing signs from the Gemini-Sagittarius axis to the Taurus-Scorpio axis on January 18th, 2022 bringing an entirely new area of life into focus. The nodes are actually a mathematical point calculated by the intersection between the Sun and Moon’s apparent paths through the sky, and they are related to the eclipses which we already had a taste of in November and December of 2021. Often called the Nodes of Fate, the North Node represents where we are going while the South node represents where we have been. We can expect to forge new directions both in our personal lives and globally in matters of resources, finances, values, and our connection to the earth and our own bodies. The Nodes will remain in Taurus and Scorpio until July 17th, 2023 giving us a year and a half for transformation in these areas.

The potential that the Nodes represent both as natal chart influences and transits cannot be understated. I will surely have more to share as we move through the year and have different planets interacting with the Nodes.

Mercury Conjunct Sun in Aquarius

On January 23rd, while in retrograde, Mercury will pass the Sun at 3 degrees of Aquarius making a conjunction. Conjunctions meld the energies of two planets into one and in this case we have the ruler of communication, thought, and technology aligning with the planet of identity and self-expression. In retrograde, Mercury’s normally rapid forward motion (think racing thoughts and a quick tongue) is reversed, encouraging us to be more introspective. It is when we try to race on at a steamroller’s pace that Mercury retrograde can bring confusion, technological flukes, or miscommunication. If we are always moving in an outward direction with our thoughts and communications, never stopping to pause and reflect, we risk losing ourselves. This conjunction calls us back to our center so we can adopt a fresh perspective and create powerful and aligned intentions for new projects, especially those supporting our communities (Aquarius).

Mars Enters Capricorn

On January 24 Mars enters Capricorn bringing our energy and drive to our greater ambitions and how we create structure and stability in our lives. This transit will be a good time to work towards practical goals that require dedication and perseverance, as we should have plenty of those things when Mars is in Capricorn!

Mercury re-enters Capricorn

Our minds come back down to earth on January 24th when Mercury moves backwards into Capricorn. If you were getting caught up in big ideas and lofty goals, now is the time to regound yourself in practicality and focus on the strategy needed to bring those big ideas into actionable steps.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury in Capricorn

The Mercury-Pluto conjunction occurs on January 29 will be an important highlight as we continue through the United States’ Pluto return. It will bring our attention to things we have turned a blind eye to, both personally and nationally. Pluto represents transformation and it can be very confronting. If you find yourself facing uncomfortable truths, know that the process of integration, as with change, can feel uncomfortable but ultimately leads us into greater possibilities.

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